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Meet Goldfist, the evil mastermind in our new game show Spy School. He likes wreaking havoc on the nation. Can you help defeat him?

Horrible Histories first began as a book series. [2] The series began in 1993 with The Terrible Tudors and The Awful Egyptians , and the following titles continued the trend to describe British history through the context of the ruling dynasties, as well as explore significant worldwide cultures (often within the context of British history such as the Viking and Roman conquests on the British Isles). A series of specials and novelty books have been released, and the last book was announced to be released in 2013.

Promo 1997 by Horrid, released 01 January 1997 1. Behind the Golden Rules 2. Awaiting for the Truth 3. The Right Ones 4. The Event 5. Morbid Entity 6. The Period of ...

Horrid Promo 1997Horrid Promo 1997Horrid Promo 1997Horrid Promo 1997