Conrad schnitzler gelb

Gelb appeared in 1981, but contained recordings from the year 1974, originally released in a limited run on cassette ("The Black Cassette"). The chronology of Schnitzler's solo releases in the 1970s-and even more so in the 80s-resembles a book with seven seals. Schnitzler regularly issued his music on analogue cassette or LP, often on his own as "private releases", without any help from a label or professional distributor. Gelb, for example, was issued on vinyl in 1981 by a private press run by an art gallery - Edition Block. The album is subtitled "12 pieces from the year 1974", pointing to Schnitzler's novel approach. Whereas his prior works always lasted for the whole side of an LP or tape, the tracks here are shorter, and Schnitzler goes beyond automatic sonic processes on a number of tracks, using his keyboards to integrate something approaching melodic improvisations "played by hand" into his musical cosmos. Schnitzler's otherwise crystalline, inorganic world of art is thus enriched by an almost human, organic element.

Conrad Schnitzler GelbConrad Schnitzler GelbConrad Schnitzler GelbConrad Schnitzler Gelb